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- 2XU Compression Run 2012: As reviewed by Selly -

This event had a 15km and 10km option and attracted quite a number of runners – drawn by the promise of a 2XU gear perhaps? They should have checked the website because unlike last year, only a running vest and shorts (the latter being an option to purchase) was offered.
The 2XU Compression Run promised a nice route, with a convenient start point just outside of the Nicoll Highway MRT station.

- Runners @ start point. Pic courtesy of Running Shots. - 
Here we got 2 FREAKS giving their review on the run that they did on that day.
First, we have Selly with what she thought about the event:

The 2XU Compression Run 2012. It's fated that this was going to be my kick-off race for this year, so naturally I was looking forward to it.

When the organizers, Pink Apple, announced the date for this year, I remember thinking initially that I wouldn't sign up. Somehow, I had a bad feeling about it but I couldn't point my finger as to why I felt as such. I did run the 2011 edition, and the only thing I could remember was that my timing was better than expected, hehehe .... 
And so when my KL friends announced that they were coming my way for this race, I thought it would be fun for us to run and camwhore together. 
On the morning of the run, as I was squeezing my way through a sea of thousands of runners (apparently there were 10,000 for the 15K category alone!) it all came back to me. Conditions were similarly cramped last year, and I swore not to come back this year.

Why oh why did I? We were all forced to share only one lane on the road (read: ridiculously crowded!), forced to fight for our spot not just with other 15K racers but the 10K ones as well (read: ridiculously crowded!!), and certain parts of the route had us shoved into sidewalks that were two-persons wide (read: ridiculously crowded!!!).  
I mean, seriously, I reckon even The Almighty would be disappointed with the lack of brainpower used while planning this race for us runners who've paid good money to run it.

- Peace. Pic courtesy of Running Shots -
That's the problem right there. Money. Singapore race organizers have become so greedy, wanting more and more participants to sign up but not not bothering to improve their offerings and services.

- With Malaysian kakis -
Heck, in this case Pink Apple didn't even have the decency to use quality timing device that wouldn't come off during the race. So many timing strips from the back of our bibs were spotted all along the route, and I was disappointed to find mine missing after I'd already crossed the finishing line. I'd better not have 'DQ' as my official result as a result of this!

- My trademark pose, copyrights pending -
It didn't help that Mr Sun was more cruel than usual throughout the race; it was so hot that twelve hours on my body still felt the heat.
It also didn't help that we were flagged off 15 minutes later than scheduled all because the officiating VIP didn't have the courtesy to arrive on time, which forced tens of thousands of runners more time in the sun than we signed up for.

Having said that, I did journey on for another 7+ klicks after the race to complete my prescribed LSD for the weekend. Although I started it about three hours after flag-off (read: EVEN HOTTER CONDITIONS!!!), I gotta say that I enjoyed it way more than the race; it was so liberating without the sea of runners cramping my space!

- This was 1 klick into our post-2XU Compression Run 15K race run. Pic courtesy of Tan Kim Lai -
Thank goodness the supply of hydration throughout the route was aplenty, and that the medal-collection process post-race was painless.
Anyway, I guess it's apt that this race was held on April Fool's Day, because the joke's on all of us who ran it... 

Especially returning runners like moi!

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