Sunday, 13 November 2011

an introduction...

“Real athletes run others just play games.”

Running, a sport, a hobby, a way to keep fit, a stress reliever, a sense of freedom. The list could go on. There are a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to where it started; self satisfaction and achievement.

Freedom Freaks, a fun running group, was formed early 2011, by the original foursome, Abdul Halim, Mustafa Kamal, Mohamed Ridhwan and Mohd Asry. Let’s get to know them...

Name: Abdul Halim @ absoluthal
Age: 32
Profession: Part time lover to a bitch
Started running: January 2010. Reason for that was simply to shed off some fats for my upcoming Bali trip back then. Hey, I wanna look good topless! Heard that running is an effective and faster way to loose weight, there you go. 
Events: SG Marathon 2010, HK Marathon 2011, Sundown Marathon 2011
Finishing the HK Marathon in 5hrs 23minutes has got to be my best achievements so far. For now, I am aiming to participate in as many marathons as possible and to at least complete 1 Ultra marathon before I turn 40. I have 8 more years to go! I could do it I'm sure. 

Name: Mustafa Kamal @ Kamaludin Jagong
Age: 28
Profession: Captain of Lives (Singapore Prisons Services)
Events: Passion Run, AHM, Standard Chartered Marathon, TNF, Compression Run, Yellow Ribbon Prison, and a lot more. 
Started running early last year (2010). I run not because I have to, I run because I want to.
My best achievement would be for this year's Yellow Ribbon Prison run, 10km in 46 mins. Short distance is my forte.
I would love to inspire others, to encourage them to run, it's a healthy sports anyway. 
To me, the main reason for the formation of this group is basically to share running tips among the runners, to motivate ourselves/ others to run and keep fit.

Name: Mohd Asry Kasim @ alexander asree
Profession: Prison Officer
Running, a passion and a stress reliever.
Greatest achievements: Completing the SDU ULTRA 100
To me, this group is a weekend fun running group. The motto, "Leave no one behind", simply put; there will always be someone leading the runs, another in the middle and one at the back. We aim for LSD every weekend if schedule permits. 

Name: Md Ridhwan Md Noor @ Wan Albedo
Age: 29
Profession: ICT Project Management Officer/ MHA/ Police Technology Department
Hobbies: Running, Mountain Hikes, Reading, IT and Games
Major running events: North East 2010 16km, SCSM2010 42km, Sundown 42km, Ultra 100km, SCSM2011 42km
Best achievement: 100km. This is just the beginning of my many hardcore runs. Nowadays, running 50km and 100km are no longer unattainable goals. If you have completed the marathon distance, you will definitely be looking for new challenges and that's where the world of Ultra running comes in. Take it like an upgrade. 21km O Level, 42km Diploma, 100km Degree, 160km Master Degree, and 240km PHD!
2012 is going to be a busy year for me. I am doing a major academic upgrade. Therefore participation to running events will be limited next year.
Keep on running, to improve on my current speed/ endurance and mental. Dessert race has always been my dream. That's one of the many reasons why I love running under the hot sun. I am actually preparing and conditioning my body for the extreme test. Adding on to it, my body doesn't response and reacts well in cold environments, doing an Ultra in sub zero temperature is also on my dream list. Oh yeah, provided I have enough $ too. Hah!