Wednesday, 25 April 2012

- RUN350 2012. As reviewed by Selly Selina -

"Run 350 is Singapore's premier eco-run in support of the global 350 movement, which aims to lower atmospheric CO2 levels to 350 parts per million, which scientists believe is the safe level for Earth’s sustainability."

In its third year running, the 2012 race took place on April 22nd, coinciding with Earth Day. Perfect!

- The flag-off - (pic courtesy of Eye-See-Eye-Shoot)

Being a second-time participant (10K last year, and decided to try the spanking-new 21K category this time around), I totally enjoyed the race route despite most of it being reminiscent of the nightmarish 2XU Compression Run on April Fool's Day. The difference is that the race organizers this time around made sure the paths were wider so there was decent breathing space around.

Each water point was well-stocked, the volunteers were terrific (some even crossed the running path repeatedly just to hand out water to runners on the opposite side), medal-collecting post-race was not painful, and the finisher shirt design for Half-Marathoners was awesome.

I especially appreciated the environmentally friendly tips on standees scattered all over the route. It truly gave me a "feel good" factor to be reminded all along the way that I'm running towards saving our beloved planet.

- The shaky platform - (pic courtesy of Tan Kim Lai)

Can't really complain about anything except maybe for the shaky platforms placed over some grassy areas at around KM 7 or so. These caused quite a number of sprains and tumbles amongst the runners, including yours truly! Soon after I regained my balance, this poor chap took a big, nasty fall right in front of me. Where I tripped, two other ladies were already seated on the grass getting their ankles iced by the medic. Very, very dangerous!

- Peace. The signature pose - (pic courtesy of Tan Kim Lai)
Despite that one negative point, I am thoroughly glad that I ran this year's Run 350 race. Well done, Young NTUC! And not to forget, I gotta say thank you to Mr Sun for being very kind to us runners that day.
Last but not least, the usual group pic with some of the FREAKS !!!

- WE ARE THE FREAKS !! - (pic courtesy of Kash)

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