Tuesday, 27 March 2012

- MR25 Progress Series 10km Run (Race #1) -

This race review is long overdue. A thousand apologies for the delay. We've been busy with things in our life ......

This one race we at Freedom Freaks has been looking forward to.
The distance for the 1st series of the Progressive Series is 10km which is equivalent to 1 loop around MacRitchie Reservoir.

- The route map -
Just a recap on the team members of the 2 teams that we sent,
Here are the names of participants,

Team 1:
Halim Billiejoe (C)
Izat Gump
Tam Yaoming
Izhar Mohd
Ronald Heng

Team 2:
Halim Abs (C)
Ridzwan Idris
Johan Aidil
Kurniawan Raymond

Individual runners:
Sam E

As the registration period starts from 6am to 645am, most of us arrived early to collect our individual's bib which will be used for the whole series and did the normal preparation needed for the run.
Runners are always eager on racedays ..... That's normal I guess.
And also received news that Afuq from Team 2 was not able to run today due to having some minor illness.

- Team 1 (Ming, Asree, Izhar, Izat, Ronald, Halim BJ) -

- Team 2 (Kurniawan, Halim Abs, Jumadi, Ridzwan, Johan) Afuq absent -

- The Freaks before the race -
The race flag-off at abt 0715hrs after a delay of 15 minutes. The delay was maybe to cater to the latecomers.
It was an awesome weather to run in as it was raining quite heavily the night before. A safety briefing was given before flag-off and runners were advised to take care of each other during the run as no marshals were deployed along the route other than the one and only water-point.

- Eagerly waiting for the flag-off -

- Off we go .... !!! -
The cloudy weather was really helpful to us. And also, the atmosphere was quite awesome as there are not many runners joining in the race. There was only one water point at the 4km mark but they were serving pocari sweat which was really needed. It was relatively easy to navigate as there were arrow markers along the path too. The last 2km was a breeze too as it was on a flat route.

The Finishers:
- Ming (41.14mins - 4th Overall) -
- Izat (42.04mins - 6th Overall) -
- Sam (46.12mins - 16th Overall) -
- Izhar (49.11mins - 30th Overall) -
- Ronald (51.04mins - 37th Overall) -
- Asree (52.13mins - 43rd Overall) -
- Ariffin (53.59mins - 45th Overall) -
- Halim BJ (55.45mins - 47th Overall) -
- Jumadi (55.49mins - 48th Overall) -
- Johan (1hr 1.41mins - 52nd Overall) -
- Halim Abs (1hr 4.26mins - 56th Overall) -
- Ridzwan (1hr 7.28mins - 57th Overall) -
- Kurniawan (1hr 9.24mins - 60th Overall) -
Runners staying back after the run were entered into the lucky draw, giving them a chance to win 6 prizes. The prizes includes socks, running tees and 2 separate sets of return air tickets from Perth to take part in the Perth City to Surf Marathon Sponsored by Perth City to Surf Marathon.

Official Results:
- Men's Open Result -
- The FREAKS after the run. Happy people !! -
- Take note !! This doesn't apply in races ..... -
Overall, we are happy with our performances individually, though we can still do better in future runs.
Looking forward to the 2nd series which is on 6th May 2012. A 15km run this time.
Not sure what the route is gonna be. We will update once more infos are out.
Thanks for the time.

All photos are credit to our awesome camera lady, Sasha Farina.

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