Thursday, 9 January 2014

- MR25 Ultra Marathon 2013 -


Event: MR25 Ultra Marathon 2013

Organizer: MacRitchie Runners 25

Date: 29th December, 2013 (Sunday)

Start place: MacRitchie Reservoir, outside the Amenity Centre

Start time: 7:00 am

Fees: $65/- for non MR25 members, $20/- for MR25 members

Categories: Men Open, Women Open


  • Complete a minimum of five laps to claim a finisher t-shirt and certificate.

  • The winner is the person that completes the most laps in 12hours (7am-7pm).

The last race of the year as many runners claimed. But to some, this race was just like a small preparation to kick-start their new running season.

There are quite a number of Freaks that joined in this event. And most of the usual suspects of Ultra running are there to as well.

After completing at least 5 loops or 52km, the runners were rewarded with an awesome Finishers' medal for their effort.

Congrats to all runners !! 

As this event is held yearly at the year end, we hope to see more Freaks joining this event. 

*Pics credit to Ridzwan Idris and Izhar Pony. 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

- WaterGate 16 Hours Endurance Ultra–Race Report: Words by RaYzeef -

Race Details
Date: 4 - 5 Jan 2014
Time: 8pm
Venue: Taman Seri Empangan Precint 5 Putrajaya
Distance: 5km / loop (run as many loops possible within 16 hours)
Registration fees: RM50
Medal: No
Prize: No

Photo Credit: Khairi Muin, Rustam, Rashid, Azfar, Yim - 

Recovering from flu is not an ideal condition to start a race, let alone an Ultra race. It was raining before start of the race, my body was a bit cold. Thankfully the rain stopped when we started at 8pm, it was a perfect weather for a race, nice and cooling weather in Putrajaya. If you train or race here, you would know that this isn’t Putrajaya typical weather.

I knew from the beginning I won't last 16 hours with my current condition, but I got to give it a shot.
A reader of this blog said hi to me just before we started, thanks for reading my nonsense and said hi. I hope somehow you find my blog entries useful to you and hopefully you had a great run. I wasn’t my usual self, i was still contemplating whether i should run or not with my flu.
I decided to suck it and let my body tell me when i had enough. I know what my body is capable of doing, i talked to my body always. It’s another set of skills that you need to learn in running endurance race. The will and strong spirit is one thing but the body that hold everything together is the key that will determine your fate.
I wore Salomon thermal top and pushed a bit faster in the first 10km. This was to warm up my body and push my core temperature up.

Plus i knew these usual suspects would start slow considering the non-competitive nature of this event. It’s more of LSD or training runs, just like Twilight Ultra in SG. Well someone had to set the pace – it’s going to be me tonight. We started in waves, i was in 3rd waves. As soon we’re flagged off, i started overtaking runners one by one in front two waves.

It’s kinda of mind games – truly no disrespect to other runners. I knew someone gonna take the bait, i was the first to arrived at CP2 (2 and half km check point). Arman marked my first box on the bib, quickly i double back. Nearing the stairs going towards the start line, i could hear foot steps.

Who might it be?

I was right to guess – it was Aunty Shine coming for me and then overtook me. Now, we finally we got a race here at WaterGate Ultra.

My 10km splits: 5:49, 5:34, 5:29, 5:34, 5:59, 6:15, 5:57, 6:01, 5:51, 6:03

After 10km I was in my own zone, running my own race, I was having a blast. I didn’t care about other runners, i was just in the moment, stride after stride in a control pace, a happy pace. I felt strong but I doubt this wonderful feeling would last.

True enough, after 30km my body body was shutting down. This was my longest run since TNF HK.
I decided to take very long break after 35km, eat and drink (about 1 hour) at the start line. The organiser was serving “Nasi Goreng Cina” with black coffee. Surprisingly, many runners joined me at the round table.
I walked the final 15km with Fazli, since he was injured. A sprained ankle due to the slippery surface on the pedestrian walkway.

I stop at 50km with 7:47 hours (inclusive 1 hour break).
Glad to claimed my first LSD for 2014, injury free (which is very important to me). There are other races that i could try kill myself later, but not this one. It’s my training run for that big 5 star race in April. It was definitely the toughest 50km in a long time for me, i could happily run trail double the time and won’t get bored. Running Ultra road race is really not easy, people who said running road ultra is easy should try Sundown Ultra or Comrades. Road Ultra comes with it’s own unique challenges. Given option, i would choose trail Ultra anytime!

I hit my limit that fateful Sunday morning, my body told me it’s enough. I went blank a.s.a.p. i reached home. A very tough 50km for me – always respect the distance, i kept reminding myself.

That’s it i’m done, 50km in 7 odd hours. I’m going back to rest and sleep (Photo credit: Azfar) - 

I’m still recovering and coughing while writing this. Grrr i couldn’t wait to get full swing on my new running season of training. I need to be patience for few more days.

Congrats to all participants, especially to the first timer breaking beyond marathon distance. The virgin Ultra runners, welcome to the club. This is what i envision with the guys in Team Pacat when we started Le Sabuns Ultra, to promotes Ultra running and encourage more runners to run Ultra Marathon races.

Highest congrats to Race Director Zul, Team Pacat, crews and volunteers for making WaterGate16 a reality and don't give up - the Ultra event that almost didn't happened due to bureaucrat red tape bullshit.

When you run an event for runners from runners, you will get the best support available. See you guys next year at WaterGate Endurance Ultra.

Gears used:
  • Salomon Exo Motion Thermal Top
  • Salomon Endurance 3/4 tight
  • Salomon Sense Mantra Shoes
  • Salomon S-Lab Skin 5 Hydration bag

Words by RaYzeef.

Monday, 6 January 2014