Monday, 30 April 2012

- Malaysia Energizer Night Race 2012 -

 A short review from one of our Freaks. She's not there to run, but as a loving supporter to her hubby .....  
  • Last weekend, we drove up 250km to Melaka with some friends - more like brothers, actually, to meet another friend - another one who is more like a brother, then we all hopped into his car and he drove us all to Sepang F1 Circuit for a night marathon. *am I confusing you already?*
  • Bad news - our car air-con unit broke down just before the trip. Imagine road tripping in the 40℃/104℉ without air-con. 
  • Good news - no tantrum. A little bit of complaining, especially from me. What do you expect? I was wearing my jeans *bad choice* and sweating like a pig at places you don't even wanna think about. That, and my chocolate melted before I got the chance to eat them.
  • Good news - our hotel was gorgeous (Arenaa De Luxe Hotel)! Lemme show you! The staggered canvas is my absolute favorite!

  • Good news - the car we took from Melaka to Sepang has air-con!! Hurrah!! Thank you William for driving us and saving my ass from melting. LOL. One mirror shot before we leave. . . by this time, the kids were a little bit cranky and I don't blame them. Ha!
- 1 shot before we hit the road -
  •  Two hours later, we reached Sepang and were greeted with one of the most amazing sunset. *sigh* I can't get enough sunsets, ever! Just look at that!
- That awesome sunset !!! -

  • And then off he go.  I don't quite like that I can't go down to their level and had to shoot from above. But I must admit, it's something different, a larger view and not all bad anyway. *sigh* Look at that, as if running a marathon is not hard enough, they're doing it in the dark. Runners were provided with headlights, but he can't stand having anything on his head so he threw his back at us and ran without it.
- The KING at start point -
  •  Then while waiting, we bought burgers and chicken nuggets and drinks from the single vendor available there. And we waited. . and waited, and tried our best entertaining the kids. LOL. 
  • Good news - he came back slightly under 4 hours. Not his personal best, but hey, I'll take it. 
- Him at the finish line -
  •  I love that he's looking at our direction while 10 feet away from the finish line. :) ♥
- The FREAKS !!! -
  •  Good news - he was 6th to finish in the Men Junior Veteran category. You bet that tag is going into my Project Life album.
  • Bad news - we were made to wait for more than an hour, without being told that the prizes were only for the top 5 runners. He was okay with it, I was not. Ha! And no one came to tell us that we can go so we were left waiting until I made Mr.Husband go and ask someone, anyone.
  • Good news - I have my brothers and my family with me while waiting. Time spent with them is always good news. Even if it was at 1am. Even if it was at 4am when we stopped for supper/breakfast before going back to our hotel to sleep!
  • The next day - or later that day - whichever way you look at it, was spent shopping, eating, eating and eating and that suits me so well. Better than running. :)) It was a great trip. So glad I have the people I have.
  • This is a novel, no? If you're still here.. thank you!! You're a hero for reading it all! LOL. I'll see you soon!!

*Words and pics are credited to Sasha Farina. 

Do visit her blog for more interesting updates and stories.

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