Tuesday, 2 April 2013

- Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2013: A race review from a 1st timer Full Marathon finisher, Teck Heng -

Hello again... Yes, I know I was late to complete this race review. The main reason was because I did not have access to BLOGGER.COM while I was in China. Seems like blogs in China are only restricted to using Weibo.com, a China Online Social Network, therefore I didn't manage to get any updates on the full marathon that I did in the Hong Kong Standard Chartered Marathon 2013.

I am going to start off with some experiences I had during the whole trip then followed by photos with captions, maybe one or two small, small paragraph.

  • Since I am overseas, I search online for a room to stay in somebody's house. It happened to be slightly more expensive than staying in a shared room in a hostel. Hostel bed would be around SGD30-40 in Hong Kong. If it's a private room it would be more expensive at about SGD80 average. I got a room inside a resident in Hong Kong's apartment at SGD60. What's more, the apartment is just across the street at the finishing line. I can see the finishing line out of my room window. And after the race, it's really hassle-less to go back to that apartment, take a shower and rest for the day or two. (Room is booked via Airbnb.com) 
  • I was worried about the cold weather (17-19℃) in Hong Kong. Should I wear more or less? So I went online to search for SCHKM 2012 and viewed the gallery. I found that most of them are just wore long sleeve compression tops and bottom. So I decided to follow suit and just put on an additional t-shirt over my compression top to pin the bib. Actually I used to wear 2 layers of tops for running long distance just for one reason only - nipples abrasion!!!. 
  • Unlike runs in Singapore which I joined, I was surprised that most male runners in this SCHKM will just pee at the trees along the route(a distance away from the route). I was too shy to try. Ended up at 25km, I queued up for almost 10mins at the portable toilet. In future, if I need a leak, I'm taking the mother nature's way! (Oppss) 
  • SCHKM's water points were amazingly good. The water provided are in sealed in palm size packing. I wasn't sure what drink that was, but it was cooling and refreshing. It was from Wastons I guess. And the water stations were good. The wet sponge were better. The chocolates were awesome. They are unlike in Singapore's running event, just a tentage with 4 to 6 table tops. SCHKM's water points were a long stretch of long table over about 50-60metres and the drinks were arranged in flowing manner. 'Water - Sports Drink - Water - Sports Drink - Water' in that order.
  • The First-Aid stations were good too. The volunteers gave some deep heat oil to runners to rub on their legs. I never tried them so I was not sure what they were giving out. No smell unlike the Salonpas which always triggered me snzeee.
  • The finishing part of the run was great as well. 
  • All the helpers are fantastic too. I hardly see any single helper sitting, sleeping on the chairs or even playing with their phones. They were all in high spirit and cheered sincerely for everyone. One auntie even "scolded" us for running so slowly and she said that she wanted to go home early and told us to run faster.
That's all I can recall of my 1st Full Marathon in Hong Kong and I will definitely be back in 2014 to conquer the SCHKM again. A 'must-do' for any runners !! 

At Changi Airport T1...So excited. :]
Hong Kong here I come ! - 
Absoluthal Limikzst - Thanks to him, to collect my BIB as I afraid that I unable to collect them in time. -
These are the items in the race pack. Quite simple. I like. - 
Here's my first Full-Marathon bib. 3011 ! - 
- Year of Snake. I didn't know they gave out these medallion every year. - 
- The finishing line, a day before the race. - 
- Recce the place - 
- Planning my pace - 
Was quite excited at night, so sneaked out into a hot dessert snack bar and had my supper..
I was quite worry that I didn't have enough food to complete the 42km as I usually will go hungry when running a 21km run.

Bib on, Game ON ! - 
- Look at the number of portable toilets and people in the line ! - 
- Watsons water station at the warm-up area - 
- Abs with some runners from SG too ~ I don't know them, never mind la, take photo first. :

Final pose before going to the starting line

At the starting line. - 

First photo on the run. - 

- 4hrs mark reached. Still happy with a sub 5hr timing though - 
These are what they give out at the finish line in a goodie bag. - 

- My 1st 42km medal - 

The results... 4:46:48. My next target timing for a Full Marathon run will be a sub 4hr 30mins !! 
(If you can't see the image, you can actually click and it will give you the original size,
as I adjusted all the images to SMALL for pleasure viewing. :]

Overall, I'm happy that I can complete my 1st 42km run in under 5 hours. With more trainings and determination, I believe I can achieve a better timing in my future 42km runs that I will join.


  1. Very nice review of the Hong Kong Marathon. Hope seeing you on 16/2/2014.

  2. wow! that's so cool sir! Hope to join this race in 2016!
    this is a very helpful post. big thanks! (i also love SCMS!)