Friday, 6 January 2012

SCSM 2011

SCMS 2011....generally the last race of 2011 for all of the freaks..... We had train all year long just to compete in it. For some it was their  1st ever Full marathon(amin , noridayu ,Arib) .For some of us, the SCSM was our 1st year anniversary for running a marathon. We met up outside ION for cam-whoring  plus warming up.

                                Before dropping off our baggage,there's still time for the camera...LOL


Asree with Ganesan and Mahadi who did Half marathon....under the extreme heat!!!

The Freak- ing Speed demons!!! Both managed to get their PBes... Izat did 3.22 while Ronald 3.51..awesome-ness..... Team R&R watch out for TNF 100 K duo next!!!

                                                      The SATISFIED FREAKS!!!!!!

                                                        The Flag bearer (wan albedo)

                                                           Our Sub 4 pacer ( Sam E)

                                                        With the Demons (Izat and Ronald)

                                        Taking a breather at 20++ clickas!!!! The much needed

                            Waiting for linda to do her small business, we pose

                                      The MANDATORY photoshoot!!!! FREEDOM FREAKS !!

Brought to you by AA.......

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