Friday, 6 January 2012

- Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012 -

Few of the Freaks has decided to do something different to usher in the new year. While many others are partying hard, we did a 18km run which started from ECP Macdonald's to Marina Square and then return back to where we started. Initially planned to run a 20.12km loop, but due to many road closures, we only managed to do a 18km run. No complaints since we had fun along the way wishing strangers 'Happy New Year'.
- The Freaks who started the run -
 As always, there are lots of camwhoring sessions along the way and also we did stopped at the Nicoll Highway bridge for quite a while to do the counting down, watching the fireworks display and playing with our own fireworks which was supplied by Meng Chan.
- The fireworks viewed from Nicoll Highway bridge. Blocked by some buildings.
- Having some fun playing with the mini fireworks on our own. -
- Adults know how to have fun too. -
- And we literally smoked-out the whole area.-
After having so much fun at the bridge, we proceed with our run and meet up with 2 more of our members, the lovebirds, Edan and Noreen. The distance to Marina Square was a short one, but it took us quite some time to reach there because of the road closures and the route was jam-packed with humans who did their countdown somewhere near there.
Our one and only water point at Marina Square. The place was full of many party-goers but we still have time to chill a bit and camwhore !!
- As we move along, more pics to snap !!-
- Just a few more .... We sneaked in to take this pic !! -
- Last 1 click to go. Check out the tired and sleepy faces. - 
 It was already 2am+ when we reached at ECP Macdonald's. But the place was still packed with people. It was a tiring 18km run but overall, we had lots of fun. 2011 has left us and so it's time to look forward to a better, fitter and faster new year ahead of us.
- 1 more before we go own our separate ways -

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Looking forward to more LSDs in the coming weeks .......  

*Credits to Meng Chan and Alexander Asree for the pics. Thanks a lot !!

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