Monday, 23 January 2012

- Love is in the air ..... (Ronald & Eileen) -

Love is in the air for this couple and we at the Freaks were glad to be part of the supporting crews.
After dating Eileen for 9 months, Ronald has decided that she is the one for her.
Planning with his close buddies, he then called on some of the Freaks to execute his plans. Discussion were made mainly on whatsapp as not to let Eileen finds out about his plan.

- Hello Kitty with the Chief planner -
- Daniel getting changed -

- Hmmmmm .... -

- I wanna be a princess -

- The flower boy -
- While waiting for the couple - 
- Hello Kitty & Daniel playing around and attracted a group of crowd -
- The proposing about to begin -
After being on the Singapore Flyer for nearly 30 minutes, Ronald then brought Eileen to Hello Kitty and Daniel. 

- Down on bended knees, the 'Ultraman' proposed to Eileen. -

And Eileen said YES !!!! 
- The 2 couples with Singapore Flyer as the backdrop -

- The couple with the crews. - 
- Lunching -

- Still thinking of what to eat -
 It was a success overall. A great team effort even though it was something of a rush plan.

This is what the couple has to say about the proposal:

Eileen's thoughts:
"The proposal was cute. The flowers and banner were pretty and I will give him a rating of 8.5 / 10 points.
It can be better if Ronald continues to act. For example, we can take photographs with the Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel. And then his brothers and friends take the banner out and walk towards us. Then it will be a great surprise. Hehehee!"

Ronald's thoughts:
"The execution of my marriage proposal on 8th Jan 2012 at Singapore Flyer was awesome.
Finally my girlfriend, Eileen, has accepted my marriage proposal!

At first, I was worried that Eileen might not like my proposal idea of using Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel theme as this idea might sound kiddish. However after thinking for several days and discussing with my other friends, I have decided to go ahead with this idea as I know that Eileen is a BIG Hello Kitty fan. Hence I used this opportunity to do a good & memorable marriage proposal event to her by having two live Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel mascots (Noreen and Jagong). Both of them were very fun-loving & cute people, and have possessed a good partnership & understanding in playing adorable couple. All of us can see that they were enjoying themselves very much on the event day. Their performances were simply awesome. 2 thumbs-up for both of them! =)

Last but not least, I would like to say a big "Thank You" to my Freedom Freaks buddies and other friends who give me lots of thoughts & ideas and also helped me on my marriage proposal day. My elite photographer and videoman team (Zhihua, Halim and Wan) had captured many wonderful photographs and video scenes. Great thanks to my brother (Jeff) who brought my bouquet of flowers and banner poster to the Greek Theatre to link up with FF Team.
Big thanks to Eliyah, Jeremy and Rozi for managing and coordinating the 2 kitty mascots well.

I really appreciate alot from the guys' best efforts in making my marriage proposal a successful project to happen!
Special thanks to all my Freedom Freaks team:

- Jeff (Flower & Poster Banner IC)
- Zhihua (Photographer 1)
- Wan (Photographer 2)
- Halim (Balloon IC)
- Rozi (Balloon 2 IC)
- Noreen (Hello Kitty mascot)
- Jagong (Dear Daniel mascot)
- Eliyah (Mascot IC)
- Jeremy (Mascot 2 IC)"

And for now, we shall wait for the actual day of the wedding. We will update on the event.
We are as excited as the couple too .....
More of these to come in the near future.
At Freedom Freaks, we are not just runners .....

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  1. Hey this is quite special yea !

    I'm trying to find Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel Mascots too , just wondering if Noreen and Jagong are both professional Mascot artistes or your friends helping out ?

    Can I find out from you where you hired the Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel Mascots ? THanks Alot , you can email me at

    Thank you!