Tuesday, 26 June 2012

- Tri-Factor Run 2012: Inaugural Inter-Club Challenge -

We are pleased to inform that 2 of our runners are invited to join the Inaugural Inter-Club Challenge organized by the Tri-Factor team.
The event will happen on 8th July 2012 at F1 Pit Building.
The flag-off timing will be at 0545 hours for the 21km Inter-Club Challenge Run.
There are other events happening on that day too.
For more information of the whole event, click here.

Statement from the organizer:
' In addition to the above-mentioned category, a new part of the Tri-Factor Series is the Inter-Club Challenge. This special close category segment is only for invited athletes from various clubs to compete with each other. For Tri-Factor Run, there will be a 21 km category and we will like to invite your club to be part of this challenge 2012. This category is strictly for invited athletes and we are extending it to all the running clubs in Singapore.'  
The 2 representatives for Freedom Freaks are none other than our 2 Speed Demons ; Izat and Yao Ming.

- Yao Ming -

- Chong Izat -

So let us all wish them all the best and hope that they can bring glory to Freedom Freaks.
Win or lose does not matter, as long as they do their best and having fun competing against fast runners in Singapore.

Once again, GOOD LUCK to them both !!

If any of you are free on that day, do come down to support them or the other Freaks who are also participating in other events.
Put on our Freedom Freaks tee ok !!

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