Monday, 4 June 2012

- Sundown Marathon 2012 Race review by Meng Chan -

Sundown 2012 – my 2nd full marathon, and oh boy it was an expensive one. 

I paced myself at 7-8mins right from the starting point. It was a humid night. Everything took a turn after hitting East Coast Park. The weather was bad, thunder, lightning, strong wind and the heavy downpour. It killed my GPS watch and my MP3. Couldn’t record my distance and time, and thus was unable to pace myself. Couldn’t really see properly due to the hard rain hitting my spectacles. Gotta slow down tremendously. Was starving at the 11km mark. McMuffin was enticing, and that was it! Grabbed a bite, continued the race, had coffee along the way too!

- Taking shelter with friends along the way -
Made some new friends, and managed to catch up with Sunny. Ran together through to the finishing line.

- With Sunny, my unofficial pacer -
This was my first cold-shivering run. Fortunately enough, my legs didn’t hurt that much unlike my last marathon.

- Glad to complete it at last !! -
A first 42km completion in VFF, a hole in there. Official timing was 6hrs 40sec. it was better than my last marathon by 18 mins. I have to minus the 10-15mins McMuffin-moments though.

- At the finish line !!! -

Cheers to all supporters and participants!

- With some of the FREAKS after the run -

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