Thursday, 16 February 2012

- Freedom Freaks 1-Year Anniversary Celebration! -

Hello all.
The BBQ we talked about is already confirmed !!
It has been a year since FF was found! This meaningful celebration coincides with the support & cheers we will be having for those who are running Twilight Run on the same night!!

BBQ "Flag-Off": 10 March 2012, 8pm
BBQ "Cut-Off": 11 March 2012, 8am
Venue: Pit 33D, East Coast Park, Area D
Contribution: $20 per pax + anything else you wish to contribute
Owe $$$ Pay $$$ To: Asree
Registration Closing Date: 1st Mar 2012

See you all! We'll have a blast at this inaugural BBQ partayyyyy! :-)

More discussions can be done on the FB event page.
Any ideas are gladly welcome and please share with us to make the BBQ a good one.

Do visit our Freedom Freaks Facebook page.

Thanks a million.

Hope to see you guys there.

By Absoluthal.
Pic courtesy of Rozi.

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