Thursday, 9 January 2014

- MR25 Ultra Marathon 2013 -


Event: MR25 Ultra Marathon 2013

Organizer: MacRitchie Runners 25

Date: 29th December, 2013 (Sunday)

Start place: MacRitchie Reservoir, outside the Amenity Centre

Start time: 7:00 am

Fees: $65/- for non MR25 members, $20/- for MR25 members

Categories: Men Open, Women Open


  • Complete a minimum of five laps to claim a finisher t-shirt and certificate.

  • The winner is the person that completes the most laps in 12hours (7am-7pm).

The last race of the year as many runners claimed. But to some, this race was just like a small preparation to kick-start their new running season.

There are quite a number of Freaks that joined in this event. And most of the usual suspects of Ultra running are there to as well.

After completing at least 5 loops or 52km, the runners were rewarded with an awesome Finishers' medal for their effort.

Congrats to all runners !! 

As this event is held yearly at the year end, we hope to see more Freaks joining this event. 

*Pics credit to Ridzwan Idris and Izhar Pony. 

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