Wednesday, 23 May 2012

- Sundown Marathon 2012: 3 more days. Are you excited ???!! -

3 days away from Sundown Marathon 2012. To most, it's the day they have been waiting for. Training hard, slogging to the fullest, some doing their own secret trainings and many other more .....
There are a few Full or Half marathon virgins here too. All the best and good luck. Just aim for completion as we are already a winner after completing a tough race.

Whatever it is, just be confident. You've got no one to prove to of your ability but YOURSELF !!! There will definitely be people waiting for u to fall. Let them be as long as you are happy running and doing what you love most.
Cheers to that ......

Running a marathon is 50% pleasure and 50% pain ... Breathe the pressure and you will be doing just fine.

I'm feeling good and confident.. What about you ??
Personal tips for those tackling this weekend's Sundown Marathon: (Copied from Ben Swee's FB page. Thanks Ben)

1. Wear as little as possible. Bare as much skin as you can or wish to. Helps in sweat evaporation to cool you in the high humidity condition.

2. Drink only when thirsty. O
...ver-drinking might cause stomach discomfort, hyponatremia, vomiting, even death.

3. Race according to how you trained. Don't go faster than your training pace or you might suffer the consequences.

4. Do not fly off the blocks at the start and get caught up with everyone else. Save your energy and you will (most likely) overtake those who started off too fast.

5. Aim to have a Strong Finish, not a Horrid Finish. The Rewards are satisfying if you keep a steady pace :)

6. Thank/Acknowledge the Volunteers/Supporters along the way. You'll Never Run Alone :)

7. When all hopes are almost gone, use the best weapon all of us have. SMILE. :) Optimism is Refreshing.
 Once again, best of all luck that are available in the world. And don't forget to smile at the finish line. There are many photographers and supporters waiting for you ...... 

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